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Explore deep forests and sail in an endless ocean. Let your senses be the guide as you physically explore the edge of your imagination.


Feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as you discover the unexpected and face the impossible. A new adventure awaits, are you ready?

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Birthday Parties and Team Building

Create memories that extend beyond virtual dimensions with those you care about. We promise a truly unique experience that can't be found elsewhere.

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Definitely exceeded my expectation. This was the most fun I have had in a long time, completely forgot that I was actually in the convention center. I played the warrior and I get to use an ACTUAL sword to fight monsters, defintely want to try the magician if I get to play this again!

- Jonathan Davis @ Toronto Comic Con

This is by far the most immersive VR experience I have had. I have tried other VR games and arcades before, this is on a different level. I could move around freely and use my entire body to explore. My favourite part was kicking monsters and watching them fly away! Had never seen this in any other VR experiences.

- Gabriel Lam @ Hong Kong E-Sports Festival

I have never had such a great time. The VR experience was extraordinary with an adrenaline rush. We were transported to another world of pirates and fireballs and swords. What better way to enjoy a weekend!

- Patricia Rego @ TAVES Electronics Show

Thank you MirageVR for adding a new dimension to what I thought was dull gaming. I was waiting for such an experience for years and you have made me part of it last night! It was a most memorable experience that brought me back to my childhood days where I was completely absorbed into gaming. It makes me feel like a child again.

- Cristina Arsene @ Startup Open House

I never game - but would 10/10 be down to play Mirage VR anytime. Gets you out of your seat and throws you into a whole new world. Love the multi-player dimension and how realistic everything appears in front of you. Definitely see lots of potential to where Mirage VR can go!

- Anna Zuo @ TEDxWaterloo

It was a blast! I have tried the HTC Vive before but while I played it I always felt so isolated. I wanted to share the experience with others. This is the perfect way to solve that problem. Very impressed!

- Brad Moon @ Mirage VR Prelaunch

The smoothest, most realistic VR experience I've had. There was no motion sickness and no latency in my movements. I hope to soon see your technology around, as I'd love to try out your games again!

- Daniel Franz @ Communitech Showcase

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