Journey of the Black Pearl


Ahoy Matey! We be lookin’ for a crew to set sail into the open waters. There be rumours of bountiful treasures guarded by a fearsome dragon. Dragons don’t really exist though, do they? Argh, I hear there’s a strange mist out there that I ain’t ever seen anyone come back out of. Sounds like a blast to me, you up for an adventure?



*Exclusive Content. Only available as a part of the Flagship Experience Package.

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25 minute reservation
* 5 minute introduction & virtual training
* 15 minute game experience
* 5 minute back-to-reality & debrief

Team size

Standard Mode: 2-5 players
Tournament Mode: 6-10 players


Available in casual or hardcore mode

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We are so sure that you will totally love the experience that we offer a 100% refund if otherwise

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