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Canada's First Full-body,
Free-movement, Multiplayer
VR Experience Centre

Our Mission

Mirage VR is on a mission to make immersive, social VR experiences more accessible. We believe it is the beginning of a new entertainment era. With VR as the medium, people can experience things and travel to worlds that they could have only dreamed of before. At its core, Mirage VR is about bringing people together and creating unforgettable memories that extend beyond virtual dimensions.

360° Support

Our in house team provides support for every aspect of the startup process and ongoing operation, from game creation and construction to ongoing marketing and operational support.

High Return on Investment

We have minimized the initial investment needed to get started. Our optimized operation processes also reduce the ongoing expenses to generate higher margins for you.

Highly Differentiated

Supported by top tier tech and content teams, we make sure every Mirage VR experience is mind blowing, setting you apart from all the other entertainment options in town.

Own a part of the future

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